Virginia M. Walsh Dissertation Award

The Virginia M. Walsh Dissertation Award is given for the best dissertation in science, technology, and environmental politics completed in the last two years.

Please click here for information about nomination procedures and award committees.

2014: Alexander Ovodenko, “Pathways of Cooperation: Integrated and Unintegrated International Environmental Governance.”

2013: Steven Samford, “High Road Development in a Low-Tech Industry: Policymakers, Producer Networks, and the Co-Production of Innovation in the Mexican Ceramics Sector.”

2012: Jennifer Hadden, “Contesting Climate Change: Civil Society Networks and Collective Action in the European Union.”

2012: Kemi Fuentes-George, “Scientific Knowledge, Epistemic Communities and Environmental Policy in the Developing World.”

2011: Jessica Green, “Private Actors, Public Goods: Private Authority in Global Environmental Politics.”

2010: Jennifer Bussell, “Resisting Reform: Technological Backwardness in Political Perspective.”

2009: Ngeta Kabiri, “Global Environmental Governance and Community Based Conservation in Kenya and Tanzania.”

2006: Sangbum Shin, “From Red to Green: Economic Globalization and Environmental Protection in China.”

2005: Daniel Sherman, “Not Here, Not There: The Federal, State, and Local Politics of Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal in the United States.”


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